Hi, I’m Sarah. I created SpoonyCooks along with my partner Rich; we have both spent 5 seasons working in the French Alps catering for guests in chalets, predominantly working from my own menu and recipe creations. I am also a qualified Chef, Food Scientist, Food Technologist and Trainer. Please read our profiles to find out more about the passion that has driven us to create SpoonyCooks. 


Sarah has a wide and interesting background in food. Her love affair with all things tasty started at a young age, never being one to turn down the offer of a good meal. At the age of 13 Sarah found herself as a work experience student working in a local restaurant in Grimsby where they claimed to produce the best Fish and Chips and the owner’s niece had recently been a contestant on Master Chef. Sarah’s passion for food and people was recognised here and at the end of her 2 weeks experience she was offered permanent Saturday employment, giving her invaluable knowledge about food, restaurant management, hygiene, recipe creation and customer service.

Upon leaving school, Sarah was offered full time employment at the restaurant, which she undertook whilst also completing a City & Guilds course in Professional Cookery. This gave Sarah a wide and in depth knowledge about various advanced cooking techniques and menu design.

After some time at the restaurant Sarah’s passion for recipe creation, innovation, food development and food trend research lead her to approach the largest chilled food manufacturer in the UK who took her on in the role of a Development Technologist and in turn nurtured Sarah’s enthusiasm and funded her study at Lincoln University, learning Food Science and Manufacture. In fact Sarah ended up being the youngest graduate from over 2000 students at the tender age of 20.

 Consequently, Sarah worked with some of the best Chefs in their respective fields of expertise and likewise some of the best people/teams within manufacturing which enabled the products that she worked on to gain recognised quality food awards time and time again. Sarah was able to hand these products over to a large team with simple, effective recipes and information where it could be produced consistently on a large scale while she was able to continue to work on the next food trends..

Having spent many years progressing her career Sarah chose to leave the food industry to pursue another of her great passions: supporting the development and education of young underprivileged children within her local town. She also went back to Studying and completed a Foundation Degree in Child Development and Learning. Sarah’s dedication to any project and conscientious work ethic resulted in her receiving the Commitment award at her graduation ceremony and she was also chosen to give the Vote of Thanks Speech on behalf of all the students; this came because Sarah consistently gained 1st class results on every module throughout her 3 years of study and also gained the highest grade in 14 years and across 6 universities. This gives Sarah a fantastic understanding of how people learn and the best ways to give information while ensuring it is fully understood, giving her the ability to cater for all learning styles and learning needs.

Nevertheless, Sarah’s appetite for food creation and her need to feed others just wouldn’t go away, so along with Rich she chose to head for the Alps and become a chalet host -it was only ever supposed to be for 1 season! However she loved being able to work along side Rich and produce interesting and exciting food in front of guests who could give direct feedback. Opportunities also arose working with private families who allowed Sarah the freedom to buy ingredients with no budget restraint, giving her free rein to use and experiment with some fantastic produce, an opportunity that any chef would envy. Seeing the reactions of her diners to the food experience she created, which always exceeded expectation, and noticing a clear gap in the market gave her the inspiration for this new endeavour.

Sarah is extremely happy with the creation of Spoonycooks and is happy to be back at the forefront of food development, making easy to follow recipes with an emphasis on new foods, waste control, budget management and training. She has a great aptitude for keeping in touch with food trends in order to offer new and exciting menu ideas, and she relishes the future prospects of being able to travel and continue to broaden her knowledge and expertise in food. Together this all adds up to make her current venture even more exciting then ever.


Rich is the backbone of Spoonycooks and the person who holds it all together. He looks after all of the finances and the business side of the project and ensures everything is completed on time; he has exceptional organisational skills which ensures everything runs smoothly and enables Sarah to focus all of her time and energy on the more practical ‘hands on’ side of the operation. Rich is a naturally patient and calm person which provides a perfect balance to Sarah’s creativeness and because of how well they compliment each other they form a perfect working environment. Anyone phoning Spoonycooks with an enquiry or order is likely to have their call answered by Rich, he will be able to answer any questions and give information for existing and prospective customers, however he’s also never far from Sarah so can pop you on to her or get her to call you back if it’s a question he can’t answer.

Aside from being an efficient administrator, Rich also has some fantastic foodie ideas and his cheesecakes are to die for! Being a Yorkshire man, his Yorkshire puddings are pretty awesome too, although Sarah’s adamant he uses her recipes. Rich is also the muscle of the whole operation; he packs, unpacks and carries all of the ‘essential’ kitchen items Sarah vows she couldn’t be without, all around the Alps and back and forth to the UK! He is a dab hand in the kitchen too and helps out with food preparation under Sarah’s watchful eye. He lays an impressive table fit for kings, and stacks a fire which roars on the coldest of winter evenings. With all of these impressive skills, Rich and Sarah combine to make Spoonycooks a brilliant business and they look forward to sharing their knowledge which has made them such successful chalet hosts.