Menu Creation

Menu Creation & Recipe Design

Menus can be created for chalet companies, corporate events and restaurants. We offer bespoke, up to date and innovative ideas for each client’s individual needs, whilst keeping in line with their business profile, clientele and budget.

Recipes are provided in a simple and easy to follow format, which will also recalculate the recipe quantities for any size or serving amount. It will also include an auto calculating shopping list and tools for budget management & waste control.

For Chalet Companies

All recipes are written in an easy to read, easy to understand template. They will be interactive using an excel document, which will automatically calculate the whole recipe booklet depending on the amount of guests, and will also automatically calculate quantities needed on a shopping list. This system alone will save a considerable amount on budget and food waste throughout the season. The booklets will also include pointers and advice regarding gluten free and dairy free requirements. Furthermore a PDF booklet will also be supplied in guest formats of 2, 4, 6, 8,10, 12, 14, 16 and 18, all branded with your business logo. All recipes are written in an easy to read, easy to understand template.

We believe the way in which the menus and recipes are created can significantly reduce food waste. We also provide tools (free with each package), which create a conscientious understanding of budget management allowing employees to ultimately create better food standards whilst reducing overall costs and providing better quality for your guests.

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